Happy Easter Now, In Case I Forget!

easter-mondayHope everyone has a wonderful Easter and stays safe.

Holidays change a lot as you age. I can see this so clearly in how my children handle them. This is the first year my kids won’t have easter baskets hidden for them. They are too grown up and basically just want me to hand them the candy. Sniff, sniff.

On the one hand it is a relief not to have to hide baskets late at night when I’m exhausted! You know how it is, trying to find a new and original place to hide them that can’t be discovered immediately.  But it is also poignant because it means they are growing up. They accept that there is no Easter Bunny or Santa and that makes me melancholy and takes me back to when I caught on.

I know for my daughter somewhere deep inside she is sad about losing that little piece of magic. My son acts like it’s no big deal.  easterCatching-Rabbit-On-vBut maybe when he was younger he also had that pang we all have when we discover the truth.

Honestly I’m thankful they discovered the reality about Santa and the Easter Bunny on their own. Slowly and each in their own way. Who wants to have to have the “There is no Santa” conversation when your kids are twenty?

Either way I’m happy my kids still enjoy being with family on the holidays instead of hanging out at the mall. So I will make the Easter meal happily with the help of others, and we will all have a wonderful day where we get to consume mass quantities of candy without having to search all over the house to enjoy it!