SCWYNNE_ASSASSINSAREPEOPLETOO__COVERlgI was thinking about how everybody seems to need love. Even tough types who pretend they don’t, probably do. Even if it’s just a friend’s love. What is it about having people care about us that makes us happy? I know there are some single people who will say they’re perfectly happy on their own. But they aren’t truly on their own because being single doesn’t mean you don’t have family and friends who love you. 

What is it about being loved that makes you happy? Why couldn’t you be just as thrilled on your own?


Now here’s an excerpt from Assassins Are People Too:

I stepped into the elevator, noticing my favorite twentysomething blond guy tucked neatly in the corner, holding a huge potted plant. We’d exchanged flirty glances over the months, but nothing more. He shifted his baby-blue gaze toward me and then slowly disappeared behind the fronds of the shrub. Hiding wouldn’t do him any good, because I made it a point to know who my neighbors were. It was safer that way.

The ding of the elevator distracted me from my musings, and when a tall Hispanic guy entered the car, I gave him all my attention. He was new to the building. Something was off. He was sweating way more than was normal for January in New York. I didn’t care for the way he watched me out of the corner of his eye either. He was hunting.

We all rode in companionable silence for a few floors with various people getting on and off. I noticed Slick—that was my nickname for the Hispanic guy because of his perspiration issue—glanced impatiently toward Blondie occasionally. I had a strong feeling he was frustrated that Blondie wasn’t getting off the car. That only made me even more suspicious of him.

As we neared the top floors, I guess Slick came to the end of his patience. He stepped to the side and slammed his palm on the elevator Stop button. The car lurched, and Blondie fell forward, dropping his plant and landing at my feet. Since I’d fantasized about him being on his knees in front of me numerous times, it distracted me just enough to give Slick time to take a swing at me. I barely got my arm up in time to block the punch.

I didn’t like Blondie being too near the action since I would’ve hated for his pretty face to get messed up. “Get in the corner,” I growled at him, wrestling with Slick.

Blondie scrambled back to his favorite spot, his eyes huge. Slick and I traded blows for a few minutes, and I did a few front kicks to show off, but Slick still somehow managed to get a knife out of his pocket. I had to give it to him. He was pretty good. I slapped the weapon out of his fist, and he whacked the side of my face with his elbow. I saw stars for a second. Slick shoved me against the mirrored back of the elevator and put his big, beefy hands around my throat.

This was embarrassing. The last thing I wanted was to die in front of Blondie. I kneed Slick in his groin, and he grunted like a bull, only loosening his grip slightly. Was he wearing a cup, or did he literally have balls of steel? It was hard to say.

I was getting light-headed from the lack of oxygen. How had I let this happen? I’d been too distracted by Blondie, I guess. I was going to pass out. Shit. That meant I was going to die, because Slick wasn’t here to play Twister—he was here to end me.

There was a flash of movement and shards of ceramic pieces and potting mix rained down on my head. Suddenly I could breathe. Slick was at my feet moaning, and Blondie was staring at me as if he wanted to be sick. His plant was in a pile on top of Slick, and I was alive because of it.

He’d sacrificed his rubber plant for me. What a guy.

I smacked the button to get moving again, and the elevator came to a stop at the next floor. When the doors swooshed open, I grabbed Blondie’s hand and pulled him after me, past the half-blind screeching lady from 36B. If I’d been alone, I’d have finished Slick off. It was risky not to. But if Blondie was stressed over his plant dying, he’d probably have a coronary if I killed Slick in front of him. We couldn’t go to my place. That was obvious. But I didn’t want to leave the building immediately in case Slick had someone watching the exits. I slipped into the stairwell, and we trudged up three flights of stairs to Blondie’s floor. From there I headed straight for Blondie’s apartment.

“Open it,” I commanded in a clipped voice when we reached his door.

“How did you know my apartment number?”

“I’m observant.”





  1. I have family yes, but they are not the kind to come in and save you. As for having a man love me, no thanks.. most are just glad to have someone to smack around. Being by myself just seems safer and probably happier. I wouldn’t know any thing about being loved, never felt it. I would think to be held and to feel safe would be the think about being in love. I don’t know if that is what you mean by answers. Never felt it so would not know what it really feels like… I like being alone.. there are no disappointments there.

    • Wow, Lisa. You sound like one of my characters. I mean that in a good way and each of my MC’s hold a piece of me. I can definitely understand what you mean. Sometimes it is better to be alone. You certainly sound as if you’re happy and know what you want in life. ❤ Thank you for playing!

  2. My husband and i have been married happily for 31 years. I dont know what i would be like if ge was suddenly not there anymore. We do everything together.

  3. Well, I have always been a romantic. The idea that there is someone out there that can love you for you ; wholly and completely ,with flaws and all, makes me happy . It makes me sad at the same time though. I have never been in love but I have hope that I would be as fortunate to have that in my life . I don’t see that kind of love between the marriages and relationships in my family. Which is why I value it so much. I know how hard it is to attain and how easy it is for it to slip by.

    One of my favorite quotes “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

    I believe in the meaning of those words.

    I think falling in love is beautiful and when I see couples in love , it makes me happy for them and hopeful for the world.

    Sappy, yes, but true.

    • Not sappy at all. Loving someone and letting another person love you is hard if you’re not the most open and trusting type. And you’re spot on that it can easily slip away. Thank you for playing, Helaneh!

    • Absolutely. Being able to be yourself is one of the most important things, I think. It’s trusting the person to see the real you and still love you. Thank you for playing!

  4. I spent years and years alone and being asexual thought that was just the way it was going to be and was okay with that: I am comfortable being alone….
    And now I’m going to sound like a romantic cliche: I found my soul mate. He completes me, makes me feel all happy and giddy and sappy. We think the same thoughts. We have been together for 14 years and I still feel this way. And he’s (mostly) okay with the whole asexual thing.
    Looking forward to the new book. 🙂

    • Aww, I’m glad you found your soul mate. Why do we all feel like saying we’re happy or want to find love makes us sappy? Us humans are such interesting complex little creatures. 🙂 Thank you so much for playing, Haldis!

  5. I waited for the right person and timing and I think I love knowing he appreciates me and me, him. We have similar sense of humour and it can make you feel special.
    But i do love being alone and can handle it easily. I know so many people who can’t and that is sad.
    I think society makes people think they must have love but i think it depends on lots of factors!

    • There is nothing like humor to bond you. Honestly, that is one of the most attractive qualities to me in a person. Being alone makes us really look at ourselves and we sometimes hate that, don’t we? lol And I agree, society makes us think we must be coupled in order to be truly happy and that just isn’t true.

  6. I found love when the right person came along and also the timing. We make each other laugh and are there for each other. I think its important we both still make each otherfeel special anddont just go through the motions
    But i have been alone before and know i am ok with myself and could have waited if need be
    TY this sounds great

  7. Love is such a complex idea. I feel a deep connection to some of my friends, I would be not a complete person anymore, if this ties would be cut. I feel concern for the people, I work with. That’s for me a form of love too, not so strong like others form, but it helps to keep me grounded and not to demand to much from my staff. I would love to have a deep connection with my sisters and not only the love I have, because they are family; more a combination of love for friends and for members of my family.
    And then there is the love which I have for my S. O. There is a song from Queen, written by Freddie Mercury ‘Somebody To Love’. I have searched a long time for such a person, a person I can love and who loves me back 🙂
    Now I have this for years, I can say, that it deepen the joy, when good things happen and that it helps to hang in there, when it’s darker outside.
    I think I can have more empathy for others, because I have found this love.

    • Yeah, having love can help us grow and become more empathetic sometimes. And there are so many types of love, just as you say. Sometimes we love the same person with different types of love. lol Thank you for playing, Sabine!

  8. It’s being loved unconditionally that makes me happy; because being loved conditionally, well, that’s not so good; but sometimes there are people who can only love conditionally, and they may important to you after all; it’s a compromise with vague and illogical reasons as to why you’d want those people in your life. So it’s important, methinks, to understand who loves you unconditionally, because that’s the love that can set one free in all one’s glory of weirdnessesesss… 🙂 Looking forward to the book!

    • I agree. Unconditional love is hard to find. And I think we’ve all had those relationships where the person is almost more trouble than they’re worth. But we stick with it anyway because there is just something there that keeps us in it. Thanks for playing, KC!!

  9. I feel that regardless of past hurts that there will always be a time in everyone’s live when they will want and need someone there for them. Having friends and family is good and can help to an extend but I feel that you need to have that connection with that one person on a level that no one else has! A person who knows you at times better than you know yourself. When you need to talk, times when you just need space to collect your thoughts. That one person who knows your favorite food, movies, things that make you tick, what makes you laugh. Cry and piss you off!

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