I was a guest on Remmy Duchene’s blog and I thought I would go ahead and reblog what I wrote in case my followers hadn’t had a chance to read it.

Hiding Things

By S.C. Wynne

HidingThings_postcard_front_DSPThe idea for Hiding Things was inspired by memories and insecurities from my college days. I was a middle class kid, fortunate enough to get a full scholarship to a very expensive university in Malibu, CA. Most of the kids there were wealthy. Or I should say their parents were rich. I’d never thought that much about what I had and didn’t have as far as money went. I wasn’t a materialistic person then, or now, to be honest. That could not be said of many of my classmates.

I made some really great friends while I was there. But I remember being at parties where everyone was talking about all they’d accomplished and what great aspirations they had, and all I really wanted was to live a happy, simple life. I felt out of place and judged. I now wonder if most of that wasn’t coming from inside of me. Certainly some of it wasn’t. There were those who summed me up as unworthy and moved on to talk with those more like themselves. But what I also learned was most of those kids had just as many insecurities and problems as I did. They just hid them under a more affluent cover.

In the long run I figured out that it would be a hollow and sad thing to fight to be accepted for who I wasn’t.

There are those who will love you for what you have, and there are those who will love you for who you are. I choose the latter. I choose not to hide.