SCW_FallingIntoLove_coverinMy latest M/M romance is available at Looseid.com today! It’s a story about a guy who needs a change and his New Year’s Resolution is the catalyst to that. I’ll give you a little teaser down below!

“Randall said they aren’t going to be able to give us our final paychecks for a while.”

“Those asshats,” she growled. “Randall spends money like it grows on trees, but they can’t pay their employees?” Her eyes were wide with disbelief.


“I’m sorry, Chris. I’m sure you’ll find something better.” She patted my arm and rested her hand on my wrist, giving it an encouraging squeeze. I finished off my wine and refilled my glass. “Well, there go the skiing lessons, I guess. I hear they’re not cheap.”

She straightened suddenly and snapped her fingers. I half expected a lightbulb to appear above her head. “I just remembered an ad I saw yesterday in the WANTED section of the paper.”

“Organ donations?”

“No.” She snorted.

I swallowed loudly. “I’ll kill myself before I ask my dad for money.”

“I know.” She gripped my hand. “Now hear me out before you reject my plan.”

“I love how you have such faith in your idea,” I said dryly. “It’s very reassuring.”

“It’s just that sometimes you’re a tad stubborn,” she murmured, drumming her fingers on the table. “You were a waiter before you started at the gallery, right?”

I nodded, looking at her suspiciously because her expression resembled a mad scientist. “Yes. And I was a barista before that, and a dog walker, and I worked at a stationery store. What about it?”

“I only care about the waiter gig. They loved you at that Italian restaurant. If you hadn’t fucked the head chef, you’d still be there no doubt.”

“He hit on me first.”

“It doesn’t matter. The point is, you have restaurant experience.”

“Don’t tell me that’s your big idea?” I looked at her like she was crazy. “You want me to go back to waiting tables?”

“Listen, it’s different. You can kill two birds with one stone.” She slurped her wine, superbly confident in whatever plan she was about to unload on me.

“I don’t think I’m the only one who’s drunk at this table.”

“Oh please. This shit is like drinking Earl Grey to me.” She held up her glass dismissively.

“You were saying?” I prodded.

“Right. You know Muddy Mountain? The ski resort?” she asked, perky as could be.

“The big lodge north of here?” I tried to remember what little I did know about the place. I’d never actually been there, but I had seen brochures. Expensive, full-color, glossy brochures.

“Yeah. The one that famous actor built.”

“What about it?” I asked.

“The lodge is expanding and looking for help.” She seemed to think she’d told me something amazing. She watched me expectantly.

“I think I’m missing something.”

“They’ve been running ads for months, looking for servers for their main restaurant,” Jenny said.

“Let me get this straight. Not only do you want me to go back to waiting tables, you want me to do it three hours away from my home?”

“Pretty much.” She nodded.

“You do realize that’s a crazy idea, right?”

If that seems interesting pop on over to Looseid.com and grab a copy! 



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