Creativity is such an odd thing when examined.





Every now and then it strikes me how odd us humans are. And I mean that in a good way.

We create books, songs and paintings and then we hold them out to others, much like Stuart from Mad TV, and we say “Look what I can do!” stuart-2

It’s such a funny thing really. I mean people will assemble and pay money to have others sing for them, or read to them. Humans love to be entertained. We need to hear the stories and see the pictures other humans dream up. It’s wonderful that there are the ones who need to express themselves and the ones who are interested in what others have to say. And the majority of us are probably a mixture of both.

These made up books, songs and movies actually make us cry, and laugh. The stories stick with us for days sometimes and we can’t shake that make believe world. I remember reading A Separate Peace as a teenager and I was depressed for days. But I loved that book and how it made me feel. Ordinary People did the same thing to me.

There are entire multi-million dollar industries based solely on people making up stories for others to enjoy. We pay some actors millions of dollars to pretend to be someone else just so we can experience the moment with them. We re-read and re-watch movies over and over, wanting to feel those initial emotions from the first time all over again. Humans crave this hijacking of our brains. Cats…they like to play with string. Dogs like to chase balls. Humans? We’ll pay good money just to be dragged away from reality for an hour.

Strange as creativity seems to me sometimes, I’m so thankful for it. I’m honored to experience other peoples stories and songs. I’m so happy that I get to share my thoughts and emotions through my characters. It’s cathartic, and fulfilling and it feeds something deep inside me that nothing else could.






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