up-in-flames_KBSI find myself in a strange predicament.

I have two brand new books from Ellora’s Cave that have released recently. But in the time between me working my ass off to write them and them being released the world around me has gone mad. Ellora’s Cave is suing Dear Author and I am feeling as if I have no right to even mention I have these two books out. Those who believe I shouldn’t promote them at all say I will most likely never see any royalties for them from my publisher. But my thought is if I don’t promote or mention the books I am GUARANTEED no royalties from these books. I don’t want to appear disloyal to fellow authors or Dear Author, because I support them. But I have TWO BOOKS and I feel I have to at least mention they exist!

I can only hope that others don’t judge me. I can’t control what they do or think anyway, but I have to at least minimally promote these two books. I’m proud of them and I love these stories and characters. Whether I see a dime or not, perhaps these books will help new readers discover my other books.

The only thing I know for certain, is that I know nothing for certain. So Peace to this crazy situation, and may it all work out for the best.

S.C. Wynne




  1. You should be loyal to your work. You’re not doing anything wrong. Congratulations on your releases, and I hope you see the royalties you deserve.

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