Whitley Gray is coming in for a Crash Pad landing…

I just finished reading Crash Pad by Whitley Gray and I felt it was imperative that I get into Jamie’s head a little bit. He’s a complex guy so I was thrilled he was willing to answer some questions.

Crash Pad cover mock-up

S.C.-So…rollerblading. You’re usually a runner. What possessed you to try wheels?

Jamie-**sighs** I’d just moved to the area, and there was this rollerblader with copper-colored hair…I wanted to meet him. Not one of my brighter ideas. On the other hand, I did meet Remy.

S.C.-Remy’s job as an Emergency Medicine doctor must keep him busy at work for long hours. Does that bother you?

Jamie-Remy has more regular hours than a lot of doctors, but sometimes if he’s on nights we don’t see each other awake for a couple of days. I’m pretty independent, so it’s not a problem. We make the most of the time we have together.

S.C-What do you do when you’re on your own?

Jamie-I love superheroes and collect T-shirts and comic books featuring those characters. My two nephews share my obsession, and I like to take them off my sister’s hands sometimes and go out to comb the comic book stores or see a movie.

S.C.-Isn’t it true your nephews also have a pet snake?

Jamie-Yeah. It’s a corn snake named Corny. Snakes and I don’t get along. There’s something creepy about the way they move without the benefit of legs. And that tongue…blech!

S.C.-Winter is coming. Are you and Remy planning to go skiing or try other sports on snow or ice?

Jamie-That’s a loaded question, isn’t it, S.C? Ice skating is too much like rollerblades, so that’s out. I’d be up for skiing as long as we stick to the green slopes—the easy ones. No black diamonds for me! The best part about skiing is warming up in the lodge afterward…or maybe in a cozy condo with a fireplace.

S.C.-What are you planning for Halloween?

Jamie-Remy and I are taking the nephews trick or treating. I’m going as Iron Man. Remy is going as an ER doctor. **grins** The boys will be dressed as Batman and Superman. Hopefully they’ll be superhero friends for the night.

S.C.-Is Whitley Gray planning any further adventures for you and Remy?

Jamie-You never know. **winks** I hear there’s a mansion under restoration up in Crooked Creek Colorado. Maybe Whitley will have us check it out.

S.C.-Thanks for talking with me, Jamie. How about a taste of Crash Pad for those who haven’t snatched it up yet?

Blurb for Crash Pad:
Physician Remy Marshall has two loves: Emergency Medicine and running. Work doesn’t leave much time to meet guys, and most seem more interested in his bank account than him. With a week off to train for a marathon, Remy plans to make the most of his precious vacation. The last thing he needs is a distraction.
Jamie Sutton is new to the area. He hopes to make a fresh start after leaving an abusive relationship with an orthopedic surgeon. He’s got a new job as a massage therapist and wants to meet some nice guys. Against his better judgment, Jamie decides the best way to meet a cute rollerblader he’s seen in the park is on wheels.
With attention on his watch and not where he’s going, Remy crashes into Jamie and fractures the first-time rollerblader’s ankle. Jamie has no one to help him after the injury; Remy proposes Jamie stay with him. Jamie is reluctant, but it’s a better option than staying with the odd guy in the neighboring motel room. As the two get acquainted, Jamie’s past comes calling. Remy discovers the prize he really wants isn’t a medal in a marathon, but the man right in front of him.

It’s a great short story! Be sure and pick up your copy:

Buy @ Loose id

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Website: www.whitleygray.com



up-in-flames_KBSI find myself in a strange predicament.

I have two brand new books from Ellora’s Cave that have released recently. But in the time between me working my ass off to write them and them being released the world around me has gone mad. Ellora’s Cave is suing Dear Author and I am feeling as if I have no right to even mention I have these two books out. Those who believe I shouldn’t promote them at all say I will most likely never see any royalties for them from my publisher. But my thought is if I don’t promote or mention the books I am GUARANTEED no royalties from these books. I don’t want to appear disloyal to fellow authors or Dear Author, because I support them. But I have TWO BOOKS and I feel I have to at least mention they exist!

I can only hope that others don’t judge me. I can’t control what they do or think anyway, but I have to at least minimally promote these two books. I’m proud of them and I love these stories and characters. Whether I see a dime or not, perhaps these books will help new readers discover my other books.

The only thing I know for certain, is that I know nothing for certain. So Peace to this crazy situation, and may it all work out for the best.

S.C. Wynne