The Dangers of Never Being Lazy.

I’ve had a very busy beginning to my writing career. If I don’t have edits to work on or something either being published, or submitted every month I feel as if I’m slacking. I think it stems from my father who tends to be a man never content with what has been accomplished. There was rarely a moment of “Yes, look at us, we’ve accomplished this thing.” No,  it was always more about “Onward! We have people to see and places to go!” Rarely a moment of enjoying having reached a goal. I guess I developed a sort of hamster on a wheel out look to life. Hurry, hurry. Someone else is going to get all the alfalfa pellets!

The way I was raised has actually made me a person who is afraid of down time. That is dangerous, especially to creative types. How do you come up with fresh and interesting  ideas if you never take the time to watch a movie or read a book? These are the things that inspired you originally to become a writer and now you have no time for them because you are WORKING HERE!

The good thing is I’ve started noticing this in myself. I’m trying to enjoy the little things in life more and not be guilty because I’m not working at all times. Even machines will over heat, and break if you never turn them off. And if you never take time off you will suffer, and so will your writing. Yes, I still feel the initial twinge of distress as I close my WORD program for the evening. But I find itlazy-qoutes-photo easier to ignore the more I do it. I’ll admit I keep my laptop open so I could write if I wanted. It’s a weird little psychological game I play with myself. But it seems to work.

So I guess what I’m saying is; you’ll actually never get everything done if you don’t stop working. Crazy, huh?




4 thoughts on “The Dangers of Never Being Lazy.

  1. Words of wisdom, S.c.! It’s all too easy to fall into a pattern of 20-hour days in this game. Hmmm, and is that the smell of frying brains I can detect? I hope your new regime bears fruit for you and that you’ll continue to keep us updated. xxx

  2. You are so right, feeling guilty because youre not working isnt a way to create your best, its something ive just learnt too, lol
    Hope you learn the balance of life and writing, or creating and burning. I also think that we are a little lucky, as i watched nearly 4 author struggle with running the wick at both ends and it made me realise that even the best struggle with trying for quanity over quality or making them both work without giving them time to live, to breath.

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