Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Whitley Gray to my blog! I’ve enjoyed all of her books and look forward to anything neWG_EB_RabbitWars_coverlgw she publishes. I thought it would be fun to interview her characters Jeff and Ash from her newest book Rabbit Wars from Loose Id. 

First of course we want a taste of what we are in for so here is a blurb from her latest.


After two months in Dubai supervising a construction project, architect Jefferson Fontaine returns home to find his boyfriend boffing the dog walker. Reeling, Jeff grabs his dignity and departs. The arrival of a mysterious wicker box and a letter requesting Jeff’s presence for the reading of a local entrepreneur’s will sends Jeff to his hometown of Crooked Creek, Colorado. The last thing he expects is to encounter an old flame who disappeared fifteen years ago.

After high school, Ashton Eiker hoped to start a future with the boy he loved, but his world crashed when Jeff refused to bring Ash along with him to college. Ash ran from the rejection, but returned to Crooked Creek a year ago, bringing his confectionary talents and opening a chocolate shop. When the great uncle of a childhood friend names Ash in his will, he could hardly anticipate getting a helping of his past in the mix.

The Interview:


  1. Ash, what is your full name and occupation? Ashton Eiker. I’m a chocolatier, and own Chocolate Suite in Crooked Creek, Colorado.
  2. Jeff same question. Jefferson Fontaine. I’m an architect, and currently between jobs.
  3. Ash, would you ever consider and is it even possible to create the delicious things you do in a sugar free low fat version? Funny you should ask. Jeff’s housekeeper Oneida asked me the same thing. She’s holding me personally responsible for her “winter hibernation” ten pounds. Right now, I’m experimenting with using monk fruit extract as a sweetener. Low fat is possible, but doesn’t give that same melt in your mouth flavor. Nonetheless, I’m doing some testing there too.
  1. Jeff, what was the thing that hurt you most when Ash left fifteen years ago? The fight hurt like hell. Not physically, but because I couldn’t believe we came to blows. I thought Ash would blow off steam, and we’d make it up the next day. I never expected him to take off like that. It was like losing a limb.
  2. Ash why did you disappear like that? I was in agony, hurting so intensely I couldn’t think straight. Jeff was dead set against me going with him, and it blew me away. I’d lost everyone who ever cared about me and now Jeff—the boy I loved—was leaving to attend college in Fargo and didn’t want me along. After everything we’d shared, he didn’t want me. I…I had to get out of there. I ran, and kept running until I got to Arizona. I was a kid. The possibility of further discussion and negotiation didn’t enter my head.
  3. Ash why are you willing to take a chance on Jeff again? Fifteen years, and I never really stopped loving him. I moved back to Crooked Creek a year ago, knowing that he’d eventually come home. This time I think Jeff will quit caring what other people think and be able to put us first.
  4. Jeff what about you? Why do you think it might work now when it didn’t when you were younger? Over those fifteen years there was never anyone I got seriously involved with. I think that was because on some level I never quit loving Ash. As soon as I saw him, memories avalanched me. I still wanted Ash. We’re both thirty-three now, grown up enough to realize this relationship is worth fighting for.
  5. Jeff, why were you with Deak when he is so obviously wrong for you? God. (looks at ceiling and winces). I think it was mostly proximity. We were both architects with the same company. I was working overseas for months at a time, with only a couple of weeks at home in between jobs. It started out casual—he can be charming when he wants to be. Deak seemed able to deal with a long-distance relationship. I didn’t realize he’d decided to boff anything that stood still. In retrospect we didn’t spend enough time together to even call what we had a relationship.
  6. Whose house do you end up living in? (Ash leans forward) Mine. After a lot of discussion, we decided to sell Jeff’s dad’s house and live above Chocolate Suite. When the Rabbit mansion restoration is complete, we’ll live there and rent out my place.
  7. If you had a child what would you name it? (Ash) I favor Swedish names, so maybe Finn for a boy. (Jeff) I like my mom’s name—Elaine. My dad used to tease her about the rhyme: Elaine Fontaine.
  8. What does Jeff tell Ash that no one else knows about him? Fifteen years ago I had a tiny letter “A” tattooed on my—(Ash slaps a hand over Jeff’s mouth, and grins.)

Thank you so much Whitley for dropping by and answering these questions! It has helped us get to know Ash and Jeff more intimately.

Everybody show Whitley some love, and be sure to drop by her blog and website for more about what she is up to.



Once upon a misspent youth, Whitley read and wrote stories under the covers at night. At some point, real life intervened, bringing with it a career in the medical field. After years of technical writing, Whitley took on the challenge writing romance. Inventing characters and putting them in interesting situations turned out to be addictive, and having two heroes is twice as nice. A pot of coffee and a storyline featuring a couple of guys makes for a perfect day. Stop by http://www.whitleygray.com and feed your fix for heat between the sheets and M/M romance.

Loose Id:  http://www.loose-id.com/eostre-s-baskets-rabbit-wars.html

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Rabbit-Wars-Eostres-Baskets-Whitley-ebook/dp/B00J3AJYMS/ref=la_B008W0W3SM_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1395618657&sr=1-2

All Romance Ebooks: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-rabbitwars-1457682-149.html



Website: www.whitleygray.com

Blog: http://whitleygray.blogspot.com/

Jeff and Ash jointly inherit the historic Jeremiah Rabbit House, and are forced to work together to meet the terms of the will or neither will have the mansion. It’s a battle of opinions, shared personal history, and present attraction, but the true prize isn’t the Rabbit legacy. It’s the chance at something better.


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