My first book with Loose Id

Josh Lanyon has been using me in his laboratory for a little experiment.

Josh is always trying to help others understand what it’s like to write in the M/M genre. He posts so many interesting articles and information packed blogs that I know I personally stalk his pages seeking guidance.

Last year he came up with the idea of  trying to show what the experience of a brand spanking new writer in the M/M world would be like from the very beginning. He chose me, and I am delighted to be his guinea pig!  Although I’d be lying if I didn’t admit as a newbie sharing my numbers is daunting, mostly because they are small right now! I’ve signed tons of contracts for books, but I really haven’t had them all published yet so my numbers only reflect two of my Loose Id books from 2013 so far.

But I trust Josh and so I lay myself bare for all to see. Even if the numbers aren’t what I would love to have yet, I think they are respectable for an unknown author. But more importantly, I’m enjoying writing so much it makes it all worth it.

Here is a link to Josh’s blog if anyone is interested:


My newest coming April 8th from Loose Id


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