DR. Feelgood Anthology

I have a story in the Dr. Feelgood Anthology from Dreamspinners Press called Doctor in the Desert. So far the reviews are great and that is encouraging. Anthologies are a great way to expose yourself to new readers. Oh my, did I just expose myself in public? 🙂 Well, I guess some people will do anything to get noticed!

Give it a try, there are lots of cute stories in the book!



Evernight Love Scene Blogg Hop February 7-14th

Well it’s finally here! Time for the love scenes to roll out! I have one down below. Be warned it is explicit people! Warning, warning Will Robinson!

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EXCERPT From The New Boss:

His dark lashes rested on his cheek. “It’s not important. I know how much you hate drama,” he answered, not meeting my gaze.

“Maybe you’re too tired tonight. That’s okay.” It took willpower to say those words since my cock was straining against my pants like a rocket. I didn’t understand what was bothering him and it was making me feel odd too. Not to mention I wasn’t in the habit of forcing myself on people.

“Are you crazy? Just ignore me. Come here,” he said softly.

He tugged me back against him, insistently pushing his tongue into my mouth. With a groan I gave into the desire radiating from him and bubbling up from inside of me. His tongue burrowed deep into me, and I stopped talking. His mouth was demanding and passionate, and he seemed to tremble in my arms.

Something about him was so vulnerable tonight. I softened my kiss and immersed myself in the sensation of his full lips beneath mine. I held his face between my hands and gently captured his lips again and again. It was sweet, sensual and intoxicating.

I lifted my mouth from his. “I love kissing you,” I murmured against his cheek.

He didn’t speak. He nodded and clutched at my shirt with shaking hands. He aligned his long, hard body against mine. I could feel his hard cock through his pants and he rubbed against me.

I pulled my mouth away from his lips and ripped at his shirt jerking it up over his head and throwing it on the ground. “I need to be in you so bad, babe.”

“I’ve been thinking of you all week,” he said. He was breathing hard and he undid his pants pushing them down to his feet and stepping out of them. His cock was straining against his briefs and I palmed him, a deep rumbling low in my throat.

“You must think I’m such a prick not calling all week,” I said to him frowning.

“I think you’re amazing,” he murmured, sweat breaking out on his upper lip as I stroked him through the cotton.

I released him and unzipped my pants, climbing out of them and kicking them aside. I’d gone commando tonight and my cock was hard and standing ready like a good solider. The lust in Leandro’s eyes sent a shiver to my core. I might have had thoughts of Ryker earlier, but now it was all about burying myself in Leandro’s sweet ass.

He paused. “Hang on a minute.” He disappeared into a nearby bathroom and returned holding lube and a condom. He’d removed his briefs and his dick was thick and solid, bobbing against his rock hard belly. “Now that I have the lube, the party is on.”

He looked like a horny Greek god. Standing there with his cock big and extended. I felt a surge of hunger rattle through me like I hadn’t felt in a while.

“Come here,” I said my voice thick with need.

He swallowed nervously and moved toward me. I pulled him over to the nearby couch and bent him over the back of it so he was resting on his chest. I licked my lips as I gazed upon his perfect, rounded ass cheeks. I ran my hands along his smooth flesh and poked my finger gently at his pink, puckered entrance. He jerked as I pressed my digit slowly into him.

“Lube, please,” he squeaked, his spine stiffening.

I laughed. “God, I can barely restrain myself tonight.”

“All I ask is that I can still walk tomorrow.” He spoke quietly and I could hear the smile in his voice.

I took the offered condom and lube and rolled the rubber down my dick, slathering lube on my stiff member. I put lube on my fingers also and tapped at the entrance to his body. “I can’t make any promises, babe,” I murmured, teasing his opening and loving the silky feel of his flesh.

He pushed himself back against my hand, taunting me to enter him and said roughly, “Yeah, I know. Promises aren’t your thing.”

I ignored his double meaning. I was so turned on I didn’t care at the moment. I was too far gone now to want conversation. I slipped one slick finger into his hole and he stiffened as I circled the tight band of muscles at the entrance loosening him up. He moaned and writhed as I poked into him inch by inch. He hung his head giving into the sensations and arching his back to feel my invasion deeper. I slid another digit into his ass and he grunted with pleasure. His insides seemed molten and moist as I embedded my fingers until they moved in and out easily.

“God, you’re so wet and ready tonight,” I said. “You better be only thinking of me right now.”

“Please, Griffen. Come on, I need it,” he panted, arching his back to entice me.

“That little prick, Francis wanted to do this to you,” I said, actually feeling jealousy fling through me as I pumped my fingers in and out of him. “He couldn’t take his eyes off you.”

His hands were clutching the couch material desperately as he begged me. “You know I only want you to, Griff. You know I only want you…”

I slipped my fingers out of his body, and leaned in to whisper, “You better.”

Leandro whimpered and I held my stiff cock up to his ass and pushed in slowly. My fingers dug into his hips and I pulled him backward onto my dick as I shoved forward.

“Fuck,” he cried out as I sunk into his core, deep and hard.

“Okay?” I asked, struggling to hold back my need to pound into him.

He nodded and took a deep breath, releasing it in a big gush. I could feel his tense muscles letting go gradually. “I’m good,” he said breathlessly.

It felt so good dipping into him. I kissed is back, and ran my hands up his spine gently to help him relax and then when his breathing was normal, and his muscles less tense I started pumping into him in long, slow strokes.

“God you’re beautiful,” I said in between ragged breaths. “So fucking perfect.”

Leandro’s face was buried in his arms and muffled grunts were the only sounds he made as I pounded into him. The muscles of my thighs burned as I worked in and out of him, flexing and riding him mercilessly. The perfect slide into him, and heat of his body gripping me tight was mesmerizing. The only sounds in the room were our bodies brushing against each other and our desperate breaths.

He thrust his hand back toward me suddenly and gripped my thigh as if trying to make a connection with me. “Griffen, wait…fuck…I’m gonna come,” he choked out.

“Do it, babe,” I said breathlessly as I propelled my hips into him. One final feverish flex of my body and I went over the edge spilling my seed into him in uneven pulses. He followed me down into the tunneling orgasm with a wanton cry. His body shuddered and spasmed with the force of his coming with long streams of sticky, white cum splattering onto the floor at his feet.

His legs crumbled and I grabbed him to keep him from slipping onto the ground. With sheer will I stopped us both from falling, since my balance was weak at best. We both collapsed onto the back of the couch gasping for breath until finally we were able to stand.

I kissed his shoulder, and straightened, my hand still resting on his back. Without looking at me he grabbed his clothing from the floor and slipped into the little bathroom. I was startled by how abrupt his behavior seemed, but then he returned and handed me a cloth to wipe off with and he seemed like he always did. We dressed in silence for a moment.

“That was amazing,” he said, not meeting my eyes. “Did you want a drink or anything or do you need to head out?”

Normally I would have just left. I wouldn’t have wanted him getting too comfortable with me staying over. But for some reason tonight I wanted to hang out a while. I was in need of something from him and I didn’t even know what it was. It bothered me that he seemed a little distant. Usually he’d be badgering me to not leave, but tonight I was struck by how accepting he was that I would bolt.

“I’d love a drink. Unless you’re trying to get rid of me,” I said smiling. But he didn’t laugh.

He shook his head. “I think that’s always been more your thing.” He swallowed nervously and met my gaze. “I need to tell you something. I’ve met someone.”