Mini Vacation in February

vactionI’m taking a mini vacation starting tomorrow.

But being an obsessive person I will, of course, be bringing my laptop along. What else would I do? Am I supposed to be away from all my friends on Facebook? Perish the thought! What if something happened while I’m away and I missed it? 🙂

Plus there’s writing to be done. I have two WIP for a Loose Id Call I hope to submit to in the next few months. Also I just signed a new contract with them for a book I submitted last month, so those edits should be arriving in the near future. I also have the Ellora’s Cave edits in the works.

Then of course there is the promoting side of things which I tend to shove off to the back burner.

It doesn’t make it easier to promote when you’re awful at it. I know it seems all authors say this, but I think we all say it because it’s true! We love to write because it’s what we are naturally inclined to do.  Writing is creative yes, but also a business. And no business thrives unless it’s promoted. Rats!

But in the mean time I’m going to go do laundry and pack. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Talk to you soon!



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