Friday the 13th is my good luck day!

friday-13thOkay, my father-in-law always said Friday the 13th was a good luck day and I much prefer thinking that. If I consider it, nothing bad has ever actually happened to me on Friday the 13th. In fact it’s far more likely good things have dropped in my lap on those Fridays. Everybody loves Fridays, right? TGIF is the thing we all throw around, but when you attach a 13 to it suddenly it’s evil? 

I’m not buying it, peeps! I’m going to spend my Friday the 13th writing all day until my SO comes home and then we’ll build a fire and have some dinner and maybe a little champagne chaser. Oh the horror! 🙂



Another little short Christmas story.

bookwormI actually have another Christmas story out as of today from Evernight Publishing. It’s a little different from my Hard-Ass series. It’s a sweeter type of story about a bookworm type who gets roped into a blind date on Christmas eve and all the things that transpire for him that night. It’s a short story and it’s on sale as of Dec 11th 2013 so hop on over and pick it up why don’t cha?


IT’s ALIVE! My Christmas story sequel to Hard-Ass is Here!

young_frankenstein1Loose Id being amazing released my book a day early! It is Hard-Ass-Christmas and it is a sequel to the first book in the series, Hard-Ass is Here (it’s on sale today) If you were looking for more emotional development in the first one, here it is my little ones. This book finds Taylor and Phillip going on a Christmas vacation up to Big Bear CA. It should be snuggling in front of the fireplace and roasting marshmellows but things get a little sticky when ex-boy friends and black bears get involved. Of course the boys still find time to fit in lots of hot, sex because boys will be boys and there is after all a hot tub available.


Hard-Ass Christmas Sequel is out next week…

nervousbabyThe sequel to my first M/M Hard-Ass is Here will be out next week, December 10th. It’s called Hard-Ass Christmas. The love the cover although it is top secret until I get the go ahead to share. Hopefully people will enjoy the sequel, you never know. I love it and had a great time writing it so maybe that will come across in the story.

Oddly enough I also have a M/M short story published by Evernight Publishing coming out December 11th. It’s called Christmas Crush. It’s a really short, sweet read. Funny how the two book releases lined up so close to each other but it’s cool they will both be out before Christmas.