What a beautiful rainy day. It finally feels like winter won’t pass us by this year. I plan on having a fire in the fireplace and drinking champagne with my SO tonight. I just finished working on line edits for the sequel to Hard-Ass is Here. It is going to be called Hard-Ass Christmas and it is slated to be released December 10th from Loose Id. rainyday4I love how the story is developing between the MC. I know I have to leave them and write about other people too, and I have been doing that. But I am going to miss Taylor and Phillip so much. How odd.

If you haven’t read the first one yet here is a link:



Heaven help me for the way I am…

behind_bars_xsmallI’ve been so remiss in blogging. I’ve been busy, busy editing my follow up Christmas story called Hard-Ass Christmas with Loose Id, and a little short story I did that Dreamspinner Press took for an anthology and various other little projects that are in the works!

So for no blogging, I should get a flogging…