Josh Lanyon wants to know what this newbie is thinking…

autmn3I’m honored that Josh Lanyon, my favorite m/m author, has decided to peer into the dark abyss of this newbie’s mind. He’s decided to do an interview with a brand new author. He chose me and I’m so excited!

My first book comes out next week Tuesday October 15th, 2013 and he thought it might be interesting to observe the journey. I’m a willing test subject in the lab of the mad scientist hidden deep within Josh’s soul.

Hopefully my experiences will be interesting and helpful to others, they might sometimes be painful too. Who knows? But I swear a solemn oath to be forthright and honest in my answers even if they might sometimes show me in an unflattering light. And Lighting is so important to a girl.

So come by and visit me. Tell me your suggestions and share your wisdom with me.

S.C. Wynne check out Josh’s blogg here!!


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